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Lexicon DJ Software Review – By DJ Cable

Lexicon DJ Software Review – By DJ Cable

Music library management is probably one of the most important things when it comes to DJ-ing in the digital age.

Whether it’s deleting duplicate files, frantically trying to recover lost files, or even creating playlists and making sure your ID3 tags are correct, it’s a never ending process of constantly updating and maintaining your music collection.

Like a number of DJs, I float between using Serato and also Rekordbox (with USB keys). I’ve been using iTunes/Apple Music to manage my music library for about a decade now, but the process of adding new music, editing playlists, and making sure they’re updated on two sets of DJ software is time consuming to say the least!

There have been a number of options in the past, with Rekordbuddy being the most user-friendly, however that has not always been the easiest to use..Lexicon DJ aims to fix that problem, by creating an extremely user-friendly library management program that covers everything just mentioned. Not only can you sync your playlists and music collection simultaneously to a variety of DJ software, Lexicon also offers features such as track analysis (including key, beatgrids and hot cues), find missing artwork and data such as the year of release, and even mixable tracks, giving you suggestions on what tracks can go well with each other – a bonus if you’re an open format DJ and want some inspiration with switching between genres.

The premium plan also includes unlimited cloud storage, and third party integration with stores such as Beatport and record pools too!

My good friend DJ Cee B (nicknamed the “DJ Doctor” by a lot of us) has just dropped an extensive review of the program. Check his video below for more info about the features, and check out the Lexicon site here ( to download the software.