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Serato Stems Update – By DJ Cable

Serato Stems Update – By DJ Cable

Serato 3.0 Stems Update

I’m usually not one to get overly excited about DJ software updates… usually they provide support for newer operating systems, controllers and equipment, bug fixes.. All of which are of course useful… However the latest Stems update from Serato truly is a gamechanger!

Powered by their one-of-a-kind machine-learning algorithm, Serato Stems provides unrivalled sound quality and performance. DJs can now create acapellas or instrumentals at the click of a button, isolating or removing parts to create smooth transitions.

DJs can instantly isolate the Vocals, Melody, Bass or Drums, and add creative Pad FX, like Echo and Braker to transition between stems.

Whilst there have been similar products on the market for a while such as Algoriddim’s DJay Pro, Serato has really worked hard to make this feel as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. And it shows! The stems update integrates seamlessly with pad modes on most controllers and mixers, and provides an easy to use layout to get creative.

The quality of the stems still depends on the audio quality (bitrate) of your music, and sonically what else is going on in the song (layered vocals and instruments which may be in the same frequency), so there still may be some other elements present in say, the acapella stem for example. However what makes this update special is that as time goes on, the technology behind Serato Stems will constantly improve, possibly up to a point where acapellas and instrumentals will truly sound like the original, studio quality stems!

At the time of writing Serato 3.0 is now officially a full release and no longer in Beta mode. However, like with any software update, I would highly recommend backing up your music library prior to updating!

We all have access to the same songs, but now there’s an infinite number of ways to play them!