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Serato Live Stream Assets – by DJ Cable

Serato Live Stream Assets – by DJ Cable

With all the clubs shut until further notice, more and more DJs have been taking to live streaming over the past year in order to stay active and build their online following.

Whilst Twitch is proving to be one of the most popular outlets for DJs, Serato have just unveiled a bunch of high quality visual assets for your live streams, along with their “Now Playing” Twitch extension.

The visuals come in various looks to suit different styles of music/vibe, and can either be used as loops in the background whilst you’re DJ-ing, or used as full VJ visuals, blending them with the tracks you’re playing.

Serato’s Now Playing extension for Twitch allows users to set an overlay on their Twitch stream which displays a live notification of the tracks being played, using Serato DJ Pro’s history feature.

The set-up requires a few steps, but is easy and adds a little extra touch to your Twitch livestream. What’s also handy is that because Serato ‘Now Playing’ is a Twitch extension, it works with any streaming utility, such as OBS or Stream Labs – it’s applied to your stream as you are broadcasting on Twitch.

Serato’s custom overlays can be used with any streaming utility and any platform, should you prefer Mixcloud Live over Twitch.

In an age where live streaming is becoming a staple part of DJs’ creative outlets, visual presentation is key in order to stand out from the pack. Salute to Serato for helping DJs add something different to their visuals.

You can download Serato’s visuals here, along with their Now Playing extension.