Partner Discounts

Partner Discounts from
London’s Leading DJ Academy

Student Discounts

All students of the JW DJ Academy will receive an a membership card that will allow them to receive the following discounts from our partners:

Clubtek + DJ Equipment

London’s largest DJ & production showroom, providing 5 star service and a large selection of DJ and Audio equipment.

Read Audio + Hearing Protection

Read Audio was created in late 2013 with one aim, to build incredible in-ears that you don’t have to wait an age for. We changed everything about the way in-ear monitors are made so that we could deliver in 48 hours, guaranteed for everyone, and took IEM service and design to the next level. We’re the first (and only) manufacturer offering 48hr build and repairs, interest-free credit, double warranties, on-site impressions, loyalty discounts, acoustic tuning, half-price replacements, money-back guarantees, free artwork, discounted upgrades and pretty much anything else that generally nice people would do.

For information please email