Are you an aspiring DJ in need of advice on how to improve your mixes and really stand out from the crowd to ensure you shine and get the best gigs? Well look no further than JW DJ Academy.

Our skilled DJ tutors are able to listen to and offer constructive feedback on your technique, including but not limited to:

  •   Mixing
  •   Transitions
  •   Structure
  •   Music Selection

Once they have listened to your mix, they will guide you through your feedback and offer help and suggestions on how you can improve and make adjustments to guarantee that you are ready to show your work to the world and be rightly proud of it.

All feedback that we give is constructive, so no matter your ability you can be sure that you will have a better understanding of how to mix regardless of where you are on your DJ career path. We want you to improve and push the boundaries of your talent, whilst nurturing your ability.

If we think you need specific training on any of the aspects we can offer no obligation suggestions as to which of our courses would aid you in your DJ journey and really help you grow as a musician.

These services are offered at £25 per submission, and before submitting a mix to us for assessment please ensure that it replicates your actual ability, and what you would do in a set. This way we can make sure you are getting the correct advice and feedback to help you.

Once you have submitted payment for the assessment you will be sent a personalised email with the details of the tutor who will be assessing your work.

To submit to be assessed please email the below to

  • Name
  • Contact Number and Email
  • Link to your mix-on-Mix Cloud or Sound Cloud
  • Mix Genres